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How You Can Help Us


As rewarding as wildlife care is, it takes a lot of hard work to keep the animals fed, warm and thriving. We rely on donations in any form from members of the public to keep us going. And there are many ways you can help us out! 

The most important donation we rely on is money. Just a $5 donation from everyone who visits this website, or rescues an animal, will help in so many ways. Buying food for the animals, providing them with medical care, building facilities, fuel for travelling and maintaining our equipment all costs lots of money every month. If you are able to give anything, please do so. Our animals and our carers appreciate every cent.

Please find below our direct deposit details for donations.


Bank:  Bendigo Bank

Name:  Warrumbungle Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation Inc.

BSB:  633 000

ACCT:  177 778 628

or you can donate via PayPal:

(Tanya O'Donoghue)


If you can't afford to donate money, don't worry, because there are plenty of other valuable ways you can help us out!


Adopt our $2 Tuesdays or Fiver Fridays into your workplace or school to help us raise valuable funds! It's easy and simple!

Pouches - We currently have plenty of pouches etc in stock - THANK YOU!

All of our carers need pouches! Can you sew or knit? We can provide you with ideas on how to make pouches to our specifications for a variety of animals of all shapes and sizes. 

Stands and Boxes

We need somewhere to hang those pouches! Are you handy with the tools? We can supply you with a design on how to make a variety of joey and wombat stands to suit our needs. We also need possum boxes, and bird nesting boxes.

Working Bees and Fundraising Days

Can you donate a few hours or a day of your time? Whether it be helping to construct yards, build avaries or simply cook a sausage sizzle and sell stall items, we need your help! Check out the Events & News page to see what you could do with us, and give us a call or send us a message to express your interest. 

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